Architeam is a finalist MiK-Klimaatambassadeur 2023!

Met trots kunnen we vermelden dat we samen met 3 andere bedrijven genomineerd zijn voor MiK-klimaatambassadeur 2023! Wij zijn enorm vereerd deze nominatie te ontvangen. Nog even en de MiK-Klimaatambassadeur wordt bekend gemaakt. Hieronder vind je extra informatie over onze strategie en projecten waar deze zijn toegepast.

"The most sustainable m² is the m² that can be avoided"

Our strategy is to determine the sustainability impact at the feasibility stage, and make the customer aware of it. The sustainability impact is not only in the customer's need, but also in his process and in relation to the environment. This is our overall concept.

The projects below are examples where many sustainability principles were applied to make the project succeed in its overall concept. 



The complex covers various sustainability aspects, ranging from energy and climate to well-being. 

For the energy we have provided solar panels, a heat pump using water from the canal, and so on. For the climate, we are not only concerned with our energy, but also provide charging stations for our employees' electric cars and plantations of greenery. The well-being of our employees is an important point of view within our policy. A bicycle shed is available in the car park. There is a crèche to the left of the car park. Within the building, the presence of the fitness and a lively brasserie also plays a role in well-being. 




Innovative sustainability principles

There will be built several levels, so that parking and loading docks are present not only on the ground floor, but also on the higher levels, in order to achieve a very economical use of space and also optimise the supply chain. The remaining roof (surface) was further fully equipped with solar panels.

The presence of green facades ensures harmonious integration into the environment and the separate traffic flows create a smooth and safe situation for all road users in the large perimeter around the site.

We are not merely constructing buildings, we fill needs.

Optimal utilisation of a plot


This project includes a climbing gym, a liquor store, a car garage and parking on the same site. To make the most of this single plot, we were able to combine the projects of 3 different clients. ..


This project did not involve demolition, but repurposing. At this site, there was a lot of work around reuse..

The project before adaptations.

The project after adaptations.

optimisation M²

A multilevel building thanks to a stacking of functions. Sustainable use of space was taken into account. On top of the building (consisting of a warehouse and offices), a greenhouse was installed for growing lettuce and herbs. Process water is used for this, which they collected in a water tank of about 600,000l volume. Also rainwater cisterns for reuse. This hydroponic culture plays a major role in the sustainability of this project.

Multilayer Transformation

In this project, the roof is fully equipped with solar panels and there is also parking at a higher level. This ensures ideal use of the plot and optimisation in transport..

transport and energy optimisation

An energy park is located on the plot as well as solar panels on the roof. This makes them self-sufficient in their energyneeds.

A project located in a very strategic position on the waterfront which optimises the transport system with the containers, thus reducing co2 emissions .

Filling in residual plots

A project in which the client was looking for space for additional loading docks. For this, aplan was drawn up to fill these in on existing plot and thus make best use of the residual space..



Architeam integrates energy into its strategy and expertise by pointing this out to and guiding the client. An example of energy optimisation can be found above.


Pre-study and reporting within the energy performance regulations (insulation, ventilation, renewable energy) for each region, are among the possibilities.