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Het stemmen is afgelopen.

Van harte bedankt voor alle steun aan Architeam als mogelijk MiK-Klimaatambassadeur.

Ongeacht het resultaat blijven wij onze missie onverminderd en onvoorwaardelijk verderzetten en uitdragen.

Laten we samen verder streven naar een duurzamere toekomst.

Bedankt voor uw vertrouwen!

Architeam BV – 8/12/2023

Towards a sustainable future with Architeam!

With your support, we can strengthen our commitment. 

Sustainability has been part of our course of action for a long time. We had a sustainability approach even before we made it a department in our company.


A little history

Architeam started out as a consulting firm. In the beginning, the 1980s, there was a worse economy. This caused us to have a more difficult start. After a few years, things were much smoother and we realised that we could still make a difference in construction, better than the average guy. We had found a business model that made everything go like wildfire. Reuse was ingrained from day one. By 2007 we had already installed the most solar panels in Belgium and by 2000 we had also ordered the most insulation in the country (Rockwool).


Our approach

Our strategy is to determine the sustainability impact at the feasibility stage, and make the customer aware of it. The sustainability impact is not only in the customer's need, but also in his process and in relation to the environment. This is our overall concept.


A good example is the business centre the Malt. It was bought in 2008 and then renovated. From 2012, Architeam moved in.
This site was also a project of ours. The complex includes several sustainability actions. One of these actions is optimal use of the plot. Since this building was too expensive and too large, it was transformed into a business centre with various facilities.


You can read more about it at the link below.

Architeam BV - 18/10/2023

Finalist for MiK climate ambassador 2023!

We are proud to announce that, together with 3 other companies, we have been nominated for miK Climate Ambassador 2023! We are immensely honoured to receive this nomination. This would not have happened without the hard work of all our employees!

Thank you!

Architeam BV - 4/10/2023